365 Days Of Music: Day Seventy-Seven

Lady Gaga is officially everywhere, as she makes her debut in my blog.

What can I say?  While I’m not about to profess my undying worship of the woman, she does write catchy pop music that’s fun to groove to on the dance floor.  Of all the songs of hers I’ve heard (admittedly, not that many – I’ve been having an indie folk sort of year), I’m going to put this one down as my favourite.  Maybe it’s because my relationships tend to be dysfunctional.  Maybe it’s because I like them intentionally twisted in their own way.  Or maybe it’s because I first heard this track while watching one of my favourite drag queens dance to it while drunk.  Either way, it’s worthy of being a part of this challenge, and I lay it down for you, dear readers, to enjoy.

Day Seventy-Seven:  Bad Romance – Lady Gaga

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