365 Days Of Music: Day Seventy-Six

The early days are always so bright, so sensual.  The mornings spent lazily in bed, bodies tangled among the sheets, skin pressed to skin in desperate hunger and need…  The evenings spent wide awake until near dawn, because even sleep feels like lost time…  The phone calls stolen between busy moments and the texts shot off in a frenzy…

But then, the real work begins.  And that’s the terrifying part, the true test of the bond that’s formed beneath the soft murmurs and coy smiles exchanged over a meal.  I’m avoidant by nature; conflict doesn’t become me.  I prefer to lay down my body and hope it’s enough to make the bad fade away, to recapture the early lust.  Talking is important, of course;  I know this better than most.  But I’m of the mind that it’s best to work to avoid the conflicts in the first place, leaving nothing else to do but getting naked.

Fallacy or brilliance?  Time will tell.

Day Seventy-Six:  Let’s Just Get Naked – Joan Osborne

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