365 Days of Music: Day Sixty-Two

This song spun through iTunes this morning courtesy of the Genius function (I told it to seek out tunes to roll with Tori Amos’ Big Wheel) and I remembered how much I love Poe.  Damn, I miss this woman!  She’s a musical genius and one hell of a live performer. Tangled in legal battles no artist ever should face, she’s been castrated and restrained, caged from her fans.  Someday, I hope she’s free and returns to a stage near me to rock my face off once more.

Concept albums are so hit and miss, but her disc Haunted is a pristine example of one that works from start to finish.  It’s been a desert island album of mine since 2002, and I still place it in my top ten (and for a music addict with wide tastes, that says something).  This track is a personal favourite to dance to, and connects well to her brother Mark Z Danielewski’s debut novel, House of Leaves (one of my top ten books of all time, by the way…).

Day Sixty-Two:  Hey Pretty – Poe

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