365 Days of Music: Day Fifty-Nine

One of my favourite songs from any movie soundtrack, this one’s another from a Quentin Tarantino film, Kill Bill.  I waver a bit, but usually, I’d say that it’s my favourite of Q’s works, with Pulp Fiction a very close second.

This song is rocking a sultry beat, and yet, the subject matter in the lyrics is not exactly pleasant.  In fact, it’s downright creepy, which makes it perfect for the film.  All the same, it soothes me in some strangely satisfying way, the melody lilting over my body, a sonic caress that lulls me into submission.  I also relate, in far too close a fashion, to the tale beneath the delicate lines.  Insomnia is an old friend, indeed…


Day Fifty Nine:  Goodnight Moon – Shivaree

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