365 Days of Music: Day Fifty-Six

In some of my darker moments of the last year, I’ve blasted this song on endless repeat, singing along with every fibre of my being until my voice grows hoarse and my eyes red with exhaustion.  I unequivocally feel that The Fray are one of the best pop-rock bands to emerge in a very long time, if only for the emotion they pour into each track, the delicate poetry and artistry lingering in my feverish brain.

On a crisp fall day, lost on the subway amongst the dirt and din, I edge the volume higher on my iPod, and let the words wash over me:  “In the end, everyone ends up alone…”  It reminds me of Donnie Darko, and how he’s told by Roberta Sparrow that every living creature in the world dies alone.  No matter how surrounded we are, somehow, life is something we live on our own.  We have no control over that.  But we can work to control how we handle that knowledge.  W can embrace that duality of being with loved ones, yet solitary, or we can fret and disintegrate into darkness.

I’m still deciding.

Day Fifty-Six:  You Found Me – The Fray

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