365 Days of Music: Day Fifty-Three

Adam Duritz is a mad genius of lyrical mastery, and the debut album of the Counting Crows, August and Everything After, is pure sonic artistry.  One of my favourite songs on the disc is Round Here – in fact, it’s one of my favourite songs of all time – but right now, Anna Begins is spinning through the playlist far more often.

There’s something about the denial of emotion, the denial of cause and effect, the fear of impendig disaster that resonates.  Love is many things, and messy is one of them.  Risky is another.  It is merciless and relentless.

But what if you don’t want it?  Is it possible to refuse it forever?  Up to this moment, I am free of the shackles of romantic love.  I’m content with this;  it is what feels safe to me.  But at what point do our emotions ignore our calculated measures of self-preservation?

Always a new question Chez Moi to keep me up at night…

Day Fifty-Three:  Anna Begins – Counting Crows

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