365 Days of Music: Day Forty-Eight

There is no way I could do a Halloween video marathon without posting this track.  It’s iconic and classic.  I also have a fantastic, albeit embarrassing, story to tell.

I was an enormous fan of Michael Jackson as a child.  HUGE.  Posters everywhere, my own little red ‘Thriller’ jacket, books, albums…  He and Cyndi Lauper ruled my world.  I threw the biggest tantrum ever when my parents went to see him without me.  But then I saw this video…

That night, I had vicious nightmares of Michael Jackson stepping out of mirrors and eating me, in his monster guise from this video.  I awoke the next day and couldn’t even look at any picture of Michael.  My mother had to hide everything Michael from me.  It was crazy.  Later, I made tasteless jokes about the ‘Neverland Ranch Response’ and laughed about it, especially in light of my love of all horror movies.

Besides, I have a new music video that freaks me out (and I refuse to disclose it, since it’s humiliating and makes no sense).

For its time, this was a crowning achievement, but its legacy endures.  The song, the dance, the LENGTH of it…  How can you not marvel at this video?  And I admit, to this day…. Michael is way too damn creepy as a zombie.

Tell me your Michael stories…

Day Forty-Eight:  Thriller – Michael Jackson

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