365 Days of Music: Day Thirty-Six

I’m addicted to Glee.

There are worse things to be addicted to, I’m sure, than a dark comedy TV series revolving around a small town high school’s show choir.  But it is an addiction, one I now feel daily with soundtrack songs blasting through iTunes or rewatching episodes.  There’s something comforting in the midst of my ‘everything is terrible’ malaise to see a show where the underdogs fight to make it, stick together through it all and win.  It’s even more comforting to see how many people have embraced the show so wholeheartedly.

Then again, everyone likes a good underdog story.  And everyone likes amateur music covers these days (see:  gazillion reality series).

The music choices are what get me most:  they’re clever, span numerous eras and genres, and slyly reference the plot as it progresses.  Like my own  obsession with music and the perfect playlists for every occasion, Glee chooses its songs wisely, setting a stage – with this song kicking it all off.

As low as things are at times, I need to hold on to the songs of Glee.  They’ll brighten up my darkened streets until the sun rises anew.

Day Thirty-Six:  Don’t Stop Believing – Journey

The Glee Cast version

2 thoughts on “365 Days of Music: Day Thirty-Six

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