365 Days of Music: Day Thirty-Four

I went on a covers blitz at work the other day, encouraging followers of a story-related Twitter to Tweet me their favourite covers, competing for the best.

It reminded me of how many incredible covers I have in my library, and how many I need to seek out for keeps.  The artists covered multiple genres, the covers stripped down versions or rocked out beyond the original.  It’s incredible how much a great cover can change the feel of a song, change the lyrics; I think this was the entire point of much of Tori Amos’ Strange Little Girls album.  A great example is the Heartless cover by The Fray I posted a few weeks ago.

This cover is more a matter of how a different voice can make lyrics feel more desperate, more raw.  I have a secret appreciation for Elvis Costello’s work, but Fiona Apple blows him the hell away on this take, and I think he knows it.  It’s a seductive, obsessive siren’s plaintive wail for the one man who will not crash his ship into her shores.  I think we have a winner in the informal competition…

Day Thirty-Four:  I Want You (Elvis Costello) – Fiona Apple w/ Elvis Costello

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