365 Days of Music: Day Twenty-Nine

One of the bright sides I suppose to a break-up with someone as obsessed with music as you are is looking at your iTunes and thinking, “Well hey! I can be comforted by the very music he gifted me with.”  I have to say, Snow Patrol made for great therapy recently, and I’d never bothered to check them out before dating my last ex.

Another band that had lingered on the “I should check them out” list was Muse.  I’m truly kicking myself for not investigating them sooner; their work combines delicious alt rock with the political lyrical slant of Manic Street Preachers in dashes, and the crazy orchestral feel of Queen.  It’s off the wall just enough for it to stand out far from the crowd of similar sounding bands all trying to be the next Nickelback (although why you’d want to be the next of THEM, I do not know).

This track combines all of the above into a stellar track I am thoroughly addicted to as of late.  I’m also obsessed with another song of theirs lately, but I’ll save that for a day when I’m stumped.

Day Twenty-Nine:  Butterflies and Hurricanes – Muse

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