365 Days of Music: Day Thirty

I can always count on my best friend Mary for the most amazing music recommendations.  She and I have such similar tastes, I always sample any artist she tells me to.  Emilie Autumn is but one of the many treats she’s introduced me to.

Emilie Autumn is not your typical anything; she’s got an industrial sound to many of her tracks, but the electric violin and flavour of medieval classic sound takes it to a new place.  She’s got an edge to her lyrics that reminds one of Amanda Palmer or Tori Amos in that regard, a vocal delivery reminiscent of Courtney Love circa Live Through This, and yet wanders off with her instrumentals to a world where your local symphony has been kidnapped by the gothic kids rebelling, reminding you of her classical chops.

Her album Opheliac is my favourite by miles, and it’s a delicious album for the sort of mood where you simultaneously resent yourself and wish to wreck bloody havoc upon the entire world that’s wronged you while laughing over tea and crumpets.  Billing herself as being from the Asylum of Wayward Girls and referring to her fans affectionately as Plague Rats, Emilie is out there – in a good way.  She’s also very down to earth and involved with her message board and fans, which always endears me to an indie.

After illness kept me from her first Canadian stint (those wasted tickets are somewhere in a drawer), I am happily seeing her tonight (I’ll go sick if I have to!).  In honour of losing my live Emilie virginity, the song of my life:

Day Thirty:  Opheliac – Emilie Autumn

Bonus: watch it live!

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