365 Days Of Music: Day Twenty-Eight

For all of my supposed ‘quality’ choices in music, I couldn’t care less who knows that I love Paramore.

Hayley Williams is an adorable person, and the rest of the band are also friendly and genuine.  Their music may be pop-punk, but it’s catchy as hell and the lyrics are honest, even if simple.  Their new album Brand New Eyes arrived last week, and it’s fast won me over with its incredible relevance to my current life.  I struggled through the songs to choose just one for today, and finally settled on the one below.

It’s very different from most of their work, and I think tracks like this are the bold choices that make the album stronger and a mature third outing.  This is a song that will haunt at 3am, its words sparse, its truth expansive.  Disregard anything you’ve heard before, whether or not you enjoyed it, and give this a go.

Day Twenty-Eight:  Misguided Ghosts – Paramore

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