365 Days of Music: Day Twenty-Six

This song’s been spinning a lot lately as part of a writing soundtrack (for Tattoos Like Mile Markers, if you’re familiar with that).  It has a simple melody that sinks blissfully into the background and yet, lyrically, it’s fitting for the piece.

Beyond that, it’s fitting for my current mindstate.  In light of the mental reorganization that I’m undertaking this week, it seems appropriate as a song choice.  If there’s anything that seems true, it’s that the universe feels lonely and isolated.  I need to find my way back to the rest of civilization.  Perhaps we all do; perhaps we’re all just orbiting in our own self-isolating spheres, lost in the tangled webs of thought in our heads.

Day Twenty-Six:  Alone In The Universe – David Usher

“Jamie’s on the bathroom floor she don’t know why
She’s shaking underneath the sink can’t feel a thing
She’d love to live a life she’s afraid of failure
With all the voices in her head
Now what was that I thought I hear you scream

I know you can feel it
You’re already there
Asleep underwater
Just screaming for air
I know you can feel it
You’re already…
Don’t you know we’re freaks and creature
Wake up I can almost see the light

I think we’re alone here you and I
I think we’re alone left wondering why
I think we’re alone here you and I
I think we’re alone in the universe tonight

Alex on the last train home from god knows where
A million miles away from where he thought he’d be
He’s got his suit his tie his drink his MTV
He’s trading all his life away
You can’t escape we’re all infected now…”

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