365 Days of Music: Day Twenty-Two

I remember the first time I heard Imogen Heap.

It was years ago, before Frou Frou, back when getting a copy of the album involved either dropping a ton of change on ebay or *ahem* you know…  I went with the latter.

This track was the first one I listened to, and I pretty much fell head over heels on the spot.  Imogen’s voice is such a raw, primal thing, and coupling it with clever lyrics and driving melodies just clinched it for me.  Even as her music evolves into more upbeat soundscapes, she still manages to both brighten my day and break my heart in a single album.

This song has been popping back into circulation lately, and I’m rediscovering my love for Immi’s first disc all over again.  I personally feel it to be stronger than Speak For Yourself, although that isn’t to say that her second disc isn’t fantastic.  I’m just a rocker girl at heart, and prefer the creepy Rake It In and haunting melody of Come Here Boy.

Day Twenty-Two:  Angry Angel – Imogen Heap

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