365 Days of Music: Day Twenty-One

I am such an 80s baby, and I have zero shame.

The 80s were a fantastic time for music (haters to the left!), paving the way for artistic expression on multiple levels, and bringing the awesome that is the synth to the forefront.  From classic hair band tunes to drunkenly dance to, to the great driving electronic beats that Kanye West now clubs frequently, the 80s gave it all to us.  Without Depeche Mode, where would artists like, say, The Tea Party be?  Without Madonna, Lady Gaga would not necessarily be so readily embraced.  It was a time of innovation, rebellion and celebration.

A long weekend away from a job I’ve grown to hate awaits me, and a new burning to seek freedom rises within.  I think of my favourite film, the one that gave birth to this blog’s name, and the beauty in its ending:  a group of confused and troubled slackers with big dreams, reveling in a victory against corporate America through the power of music.  This song plays over the scene, and will forever conjure those images for me.  It’s a song I thrive on when I need a pick me up – and tonight is one of those nights.

For those fed up and needing that curst of courage to find a solution, this one’s for you.  Thank you, 80s music, for that right mix of lyrical ass-kick and cheerful melody.

Day Twenty-One:  This Is The Day – The The

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