365 Days of Music: Day Seventeen

One of the most disappointing setlists I’ve ever seen was the one and only Incubus concert I saw in 2004.  It wasn’t that the band blew live;  Brandon Boyd is awesome and the band is tight.  But the setlist was too loaded with lacklustre crap from Morning View for me to find a groove in the show (plus they played at the Air Canada Centre, which is a TERRIBLE Toronto venue for shows).  That said, the band has made some delicious music in the form of two stellar (hee hee) albums:  Make Yourself and A Crow Left Of The Murder.

I forget about Incubus in my massive collection;  they’re competing with 7500 other MP3s and my moods swing widely.  That said, I recently rediscovered Crow and remember how solid the disc plays.  Today’s song is but one of my favourites on a disc loaded with delicious barbs.  I also recommend the tracks Megalomaniac, Beware! Criminal!, Talk Shows On Mute…  Okay, just grab the entire disc and grab Make Yourself while you’re at it.

Day Seventeen:  Agoraphobia – Incubus

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