365 Days of Music: Day Sixteen

While I do enjoy the music of Delerium, is it blasphemous to say that Conjure One is the stronger project by Rhys Fulber?  Because personally, the sonic landscapes painted by Conjure One, coupled with the quality of guest vocalists, make the albums stronger if you ask me (although Karma is an incredible Delierium album).

It was because of one of those guest vocalists – Poe – that I stumbled onto Conjure One and promptly fell in love.  Conjure One is more summer music in terms of its mood for me, but this song is one of a few that strikes a chord with me.  I often blast it when everything is going absolutely wrong, to try and spur me forward in adversity.  There’s always a journey in every setback, it seems, or so  tell myself.  Always pleasure in the pain.

It’s time to face the music.

Day Sixteen:  Face The Music – Conjure One

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