365 Days of Music: Day Fifteen

I am a sucker for a really good cover of a song.  In particular, I love a cover that completely changes the feel of a song, be it through a completely different arrangement, a change in tempo or, in the case of today’s song, a change in genre altogether. 

There are so many great covers that I could post in this blog, and inevitably I’m bound to post a few more, but this one is right up there.  The Fray is already an amazing band, but to take a song I don’t like in its original form at all and turn it into an indie-rock acoustic version that I can’t stop playing is genius.  There’s something more potent about the song in this format, similar to Mandy Moore’s take on Rihanna’s Umbrella; it feels more broken, as opposed to Kanye West’s original that seems more about the groove than the heartbreak in the album title.  It makes me want to learn guitar and jam at 3am with a glass of red wine.

Someday, someone remind me to make a list of amazing cover versions.

Day Fifteen:  Heartless (Kanye West) – The Fray

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