365 Days of Music: Day Fourteen

One of the most underrated bands out there would be the Neverending White Lights project by Daniel Victor.  The concept:  albums of songs written along a theme/story, and then sung by different singers.  Drawing from an enormous pool of Canadian talent, Daniel’s made two albums that are both solid unique beasts.

This song in particular has buried itself into my brain in the last six months.  I hum it daily, the driving bass line and the bridge echoing endlessly through my mind.  Because it’s such a true statement, one we all know from heartaches over time:  “Watch your back when your heart is weeping. Watch your heart when your back is bleeding…”

It’s a fine line between healthy anger and bitterness, one I walk as if it were a tightrope.  Often, I fall.  And as I rise again, I remind myself:  The heart is dark, but the world is darker.

Day Fourteen:  The World Is Darker – Neverending White Lights

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