365 Days of Music: Day Twelve

Limping to the subway courtesy of my sprained ankle, this song, part of one of my writing soundtracks, shuffled up on the iPod.  It never fails to enrapture me.  Lyrically, it’s so representative of what so many of us feel, particularly the twenty-somethings of this generation, it’s an anthem.  Musically, it’s at once simple and rich, more complex on each re-listen.

But what makes this song resonate for me is the one line that says it all, the one line that every person who has wallowed in melancholy at once hates and loves for its truth:  “I think I’ll go out and embarrass myself by getting drunk and falling down in the street. You say I choose sadness – that it never once has chosen me.  Maybe you’re right…”

And lately, that says it all, without confessing everything.

Day Twelve:  The Good That Won’t Come Out – Rilo Kiley

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