365 Days of Music: Day Nine

One of my favourite songs, from one of my favourite albums, by one of my favourite artists.  This man is a musical genius, an incredibly intelligent person, and a champion of something:  compassion and rights for the mentally ill.  He educates me, inspires me, moves me and speaks to my soul with his music.  And today, my dad bought us tickets to see him just after my birthday, marking my fifth time seeing him. 

I was at this show, recorded for his live album, and this performance had me in tears at the end.  Knowing as much as I do about Matt’s life (he’s pretty open), knowing where this song came from, listening to him wail, “And I’d say what you’d say but it makes me feel nothing” just breaks me.  If you haven’t listened to Matt before, start here, and then stream his forthcoming album Vancouver at matthewgood.org.

Day Nine:  Champions of Nothing – Matthew Good

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