365 Days Of Music: Day Six

The life of a single woman gone wild… One with a penchant for dyeing her hair flaming red… Sometimes, it’s a fun ride. Sometimes, when your body aches and you have bruises you can’t explain (and distinct ones on your neck you can), it all grows exhausting. Sometimes, nothing satisfies, even the freedom you proclaim you seek.

Even in the throes of unexpected fun, the precise fun you set out to find, you find yourself weary. You want something else – the thing you can’t have. So you burn your way through the playing fields, wondering how many will rise from the ash.

Day Six: Flaming Red – Patty Griffin

“Wore my red shoes
Wore my red shoes again
Getting worn out from
All of the wandering
Worn out and holy
Holy as Jesus
Me and my red shoes
Nothing can please us…”

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