“The lights wave goodbye…”

Relevant in so many ways…  Today would have been my grandfather’s 70th birthday, if he lived to see it.  And just as I was at a concert as he was passing slowly on, I will be at this band’s show in 15 hours…  For every loss, death or heartbreak, this speaks to me now.

She’s mostly gone,
some other place.
I’m getting by,
in other ways.

Everything they whispered in our ears,
is coming true.
Try to justify the things,
I used to do.
Believe in you.

Watching you drown.
I follow you down.

I am here,
right beside you.

The lights in the sky
finally arrive.
I am staying,
right beside you.

I tried to stay away,
just in case.

I’ve come to realize,
we all have our place.

Time, time has a way you know,
to make it clear.
I have my role in this.
I can’t disappear,
or leave you here.

Watching you drown,
I’ll follow you down,
and I am here right beside you.

The lights in the sky,
are waving goodbye.
I am staying right beside you

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