“How could you do nothing, and say ‘I’m doing my best?'”

“It just all slips
away so slowly
you don’t even notice till you’ve lost a lot
I’ve been like one of those zombies
in vegas
pouring quarters into a slot
and now I’m tired
and I am broke
and I feel stupid and I feel used
and I’m at the end of my little rope
and I am swinging back and forth
about you

before it gets so cold
that the rain turns to snow
there’s just a couple things
I’d like to know

like how could you do nothing
and say, I’m doing my best
how could you take almost everything
and then come back for the rest
how could you beg me to stay,
reach out your hands and plead
and then pack up your eyes and run away
as soon as I agreed?”
Done Wrong – Ani Difranco

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