“We played out on this movie screen…”

Sometimes, I’m late to the musical party, and this song is one instance of that.  I have liked Something Corporate and Jack’s Mannequin for a while now, but I only finally heard this, one of the more infamous songs by SoCo, as the fangirls call them, in the last few months.

I’m in love with this version in particular.  There’s something about the delivery, about the moment, that breaks my heart and reminds me of timeless, epic love, the sort that withstands everything that the world throws at it.  It reminds me of my grandparents and the love they shared, the love my grandmother keeps alive through her memories.  It’s the sort of love that can burn out if not tended carefully, as Andrew sings.

I worry and fear that my love will burn out, turn to ashes, leaving me dreaming in a living room, missing my own Konstantine.  I worry this will be the story of my life, for I am a fire, always burning embers waiting to ignite with the right fuel.  But if I become the one burned, a song this beautiful would win me back.

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