2008 In Music: last.fm Statistics

Above and beyond my own declared favourites, here’s what last.fm tells me I spent the most time listening to in the last year.

Top Artists

Tori Amos
Karen Kosowski
Matthew Good
Nine Inch Nails
Matthew Good Band
The Dresden Dolls
Spring Awakening cast
Amanda Palmer
Sunshine State
Finger Eleven
Rilo Kiley
Melissa Etheridge
Neverending White Lights
Emilie Autumn
Sarah McLachlan
Conjure One
Top Tracks

Day Job – Sunshine State
Reset – Peter Angelo
Black Cab – Jens Lekman
Broken Glass – The Gathering
Dancing – Elisa
99% Of Us Is Failure – Matthew Good
Sinners of Saint Avenue – Slave To The SQUAREwave
Anywhere – Evanescence
How To Save A Life – The Fray
The Grace – Neverending White Lights
Time Is Running Out – Muse
Emergency – Paramore
Breathe Me – Sia
Brighter – Paramore
Like A Friend – Pulp
This discrepancies astound me, namely how few of my top artists yielded a top track.  Tori Amos is an artist I love, but I’ve found myself pulling back from her music in the last year, so it surprises me that she still holds the number one place.

As a note:  if you combine stats for Matthew Good and Matthew Good Band, he would rank second on my artist charts, and if you combine The Dresden Dolls with Amanda Palmer, that would be the new third place, both of which feel more ‘right’ in terms of my listening habits this year.

Most Listened To Albums of 2008

Sunshine State – Sunshine State
Who Killed Amanda Palmer – Amanda Palmer
Hospital Music – Matthew Good
American Doll Posse – Tori Amos
Empire Records soundtrack – Various
Big Change – Slave to the SQUAREwave
Riot – Paramore
Beautiful Midnight – Matthew Good Band
All We Know Is Falling – Paramore
Greatest Hits – Spice Girls
Act 1:  Goodbye Friends of the Heavenly Bodies – Neverending White Lights
Optimist Party – Karen Kosowski
Cast Recording – Spring Awakening
The Dresden Dolls – The Dresden Dolls
Version 2.0 – Garbage
It Dreams – Jakalope
The Wall – Pink Floyd
Out Here At Sea – Karen Kosowski
The Fragile (left) – Nine Inch Nails
Speak For Yourself – Imogen Heap

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