High Fidelity 14: Universal Music

Another mix request, for “songs for a dance piece about the universe”.  This was an incredibly challenging mix, namely because I do not have a lot of music that is instrumental, let alone fitting for this theme!  However, I have managed to compile a mix that I think is incredibly solid and a great compilation of tracks worth listening to.

A lot of these move me on a core level I cannot adequately explain, or are meditation songs for me.  Hopefully you’ll enjoy them (especially you, S.)!

Comment and enjoy!

High Fidelity 14:  Universal Music – A Soundtrack For The Universe

1.  On The Nature of Daylight – Max Richter

2.  Willow – Emilie Autumn

3.  Lilly – Moby

4.  Beyond Being – Conjure One

5.  Blackgrounds (original mix) – Atra Aeterna

6.  Smokebelch II – The Sabres of Paradise

7.  Halcyon (Beautiful Days) – Mono

8.  The Flood – Charlotte Martin

9.  Out Of Egypt – Sufjan Stevens

10.  Highway of Endless Dreams – M83

11.  Running With Scissors – Splashdown

12.  Winter Ceremony (Howie B Left Foot mix) – Sacred Spirits

13.  Saeglopur – Sigur Ros

14.  Your Hand In Mine (Goodbye) – Explosions In The Sky

15.  Claire De Lune – Claude Debussy

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