“The day the music died…”

“I met a girl who sang the blues
And I asked her for some happy news,
But she just smiled and turned away.
I went down to the sacred store
Where I’d heard the music years before,
But the man there said the music wouldn’t play…”

American Pie – Don McLean

This song came to mind just now, as I mentally compose a more detailed entry I’ve been contemplating, between conversations with musicians and reading Moses Avalon’s Confessions of a Record Producer.  Has the music – or rather, the music business – died?  Has it merely evolved or devolved?  And for those who do not fit into the games the business plays, is it worth it to keep trying?

But then, I think of songs like these, and how timeless the message can be, and I answer, “No.  It’s not dead.  We just need to start playing a new game, with new players.  Because if the music is allowed to die, to burn out to embers and ash, where would we be?  Where would I be?”

K., this one’s for you.  ❤

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