Concert Review: Karen Kosowski @ The Central, Toronto 6/28/08

Quick setlist post… A more detailed post and musings on the music industry to follow soon…

Setlist:  Karen Kosowski @ The Central 6/28/08

Tragic *piano arrangement*
Meeting The Future At Full Speed
*untitled new song – ‘sunny day’*
Life Is Short Enough
Land On Your Feet
Can’t Fail Anymore
Crazy Little Game *piano arrangement*
New York Minute (Don Henley cover)
More Than A Sign
Stars In Our Eyes

Highlights of this, a solo show (which I haven’t seen in some time), included:

Important – This one always hits rather close to home, being a child of a broken home, but for personal reasons and the fact that solo versions have always cut closer to the bone for me, it was a weepy moment.

Crazy Little Game:  Taken from the standard acoustic guitar arrangement to piano, this one took on a jazzy, sultry feel.  While the original is strong and dear to most of us fans, I am really loving this fresh take, similar to my adoration of the move of Tragic from guitar to piano.

New York Minute: I had some rather horrible news come down the family wire the night before this show and asked if Karen would be able to throw this into the set.  The original is dear to me and Karen knocks it out of the park each time.  Karen, being amazing, obliged.  Cue more tears.

More Than A Sign:  I’ve missed this one solo.  I really have.  As much as the band and strings combo of the album cut have grown on me, this is the way I first heard this song, and it’s still my preferred way.

The last show for a good while…  I support the hiatus, understand it, but will definitely miss this woman live.

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