Concert Review: Karen Kosowski @ The Central, Toronto 1/20/08

The trilogy of warm-up shows for the pending CD Release at the Rivoli came to a close last Saturday, and it was quite the night.  Perhaps in answer to my ridiculous number of Facebook invites or perhaps by my sheer willing it to be so, the place was a-rocking for the final show, and deservedly so.  Remember how last week I lamented how so few people witnessed the incredible set?  Karen gave them a chance to see it again, pulling out the same set with slight order change-ups.

I could rave for hours about Karen, but let’s face it:  if my enjoyment of the woman’s music and live shows hasn’t already become apparent with the last two blogs about her, you’re never going to grasp it.  😉  Instead, a quick highlights review:

Always Catching Up:  Nailed again this week…  Ha ha!  I just remembered Karen commenting how she’s been told this should have made an album.  *plays innocent, hides review of MTFAFS*.  I really do love this song, and I think it works especially well in a piano-drum combo.

Land On Your Feet:  Yup.  This should be the single.  I have the ringtone ready and everything!  (No really!  I made one!  For those inclined to make their own custom tones, for free, zip over to

Love & Bandaids:  I will never tired of this one.  Everything about it – the melody, the words, the vocal delivery – is perfect.

Tragic:  I’ve officially decided I never want to hear this on guitar again, because the piano version slaughters the guitar version with one hand tied behind its back.

Faded Souvenirs:  The ending gets me EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.  Gah!  I look forward to a jazz trio-esque version with Marc on strings…  *drool*

Planet:  Hooray!  More people commented positively on Planet!  My mission to revive what I’ve long considered a lost gem in Karen’s collection is succeeding!  Nothing will top the first time ever, if only for my utter shock.

This was a fabulous way to celebrate some financial good news I received (and I had the hangover the next day to prove just how hard I partied!  Ha!)  And knowing what I know about the CD Release party…  Well, let’s just say if you have any common sense and desire for a kick-ass time, you will save the date!  March 29, 2008 @ The Rivoli is when Meeting The Future At Full Speed (review) will be unleashed officially!   Join Karen’s mailing list and stay informed!

Setlist – Karen Kosowski – The Central, Toronto 1/20/08

Meeting The Future At Full Speed
Land On Your Feet
Always Catching Up
Love & Bandaids
Tragic (on piano)
Your Day Will Come
Can’t Fail Anymore
Faded Souvenirs
Stars In Our Eyes

New York Minute (Don Henley cover)

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