Concert Review: Sunshine State @ Supermarket, Toronto 11/29/07

How many ways can I sing the praises of Sunshine State?  Many.  Many, many ways.

Caught Sunshine State with opener Layah Jane at Supermarket last month and my previous review is plenty of raving about the band in general, so let’s stick with the specific highlights of this show shall we?

First:  Aleza and James are even tighter than they already were live.  Touring about has truly brought the arrangements together, and Aleza is even more at ease on stage.  She belongs on a stage, every night;  here’s hoping (and believing) her Day Job dreams will come true soon.

Second:  the friend and family-filled crowd amplified the positive vibe and fun atmosphere as Aleza encouraged singing along and dancing (and many, including Joe and myself, complied happily).  As a special treat, Aleza’s sister joined her on stage for the encore rendition of Moloko’s Sing It Back blew me away.  I eagerly demand and hope for a duet on the next album!

The set was solid – a stream of covers and album tracks.  I thoroughly enjoyed the covers;  they were well chosen and performed with a flair that made them their own.  Nicely done!   I again encourage anyone in the area to check them out ASAP.

Setlist – Sunshine State Toronto 11/29/07

Thank You For Leaving
New To Me
Booty Call
The Crush
The Day After
Secret Heart (Ron Sexsmith)
One Night Stand
7 Months
New Year’s Kiss
Nothing Compares 2 U (Prince)
Mas Que Nada
Day Job

Sing It Back (Moloko)

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