Concert Review: Tori Amos, Detroit 10/27/07

*taken from a message board posting*

Okay, seriously… this fucking set blew my goddamn mind like whoa. HOLY shit!!!!!!!!!

The Black-Dove thing: She started Black-Dove, got to the first “you don’t need a spaceship”-ish place then suddenly stopped and fucked up, then said, “Okay fuck, I have got to get rid of this corset! Guys, just play something? I’ll be back” Then she left the stage for maybe 3 minutes and ditched the corset thing under her jumpsuit. The boys randomly jammed – it didn’t remind me of anything specific – and she returned and said “I’m going to play one of my favourite songs off of Little Earthquakes” and went into Crucify. She later during the band intro thanked us for our patience and promised she’d make it up to us later.

Cocaine!!!! Holy FUCK. She skipped the “if you want me to….inside of you” part and she also skipped a line before “taking my easel and writing good checks” and ended up repeating the “taking my easel” line. But it was FUCKING AWESOME!!! *squee*

I’ll do a more proper review later – right now I’m getting tanked with Oh So Quiet and Assless Pants in a posh hotel – but a few comments about this show….

I cried from Baker Baker through Spark. I know people roll their eyes at staples like Baker and COMT, but this tour… If you haven’t gone to a show yet, do not knock anything in a set. I’m dead serious. I officially love COMT again. Tori is ON.

Carbon… was the best version I’ve seen since Grand Rapids 03. I DIED. SO good. I can’t believe it. OMG. And Spark shortly on its heels? There’s a reason my tattoo references Spark and Carbon. I cannot believe my luck. Seriously – I have NO complaints about any of my 3 shows. My biggest complaint is she didn’t finish Black-Dove… But I got Cocaine, Carbon, Spark and Siren in this show, so seriously, I cannot be greedy. This is the best tour I’ve seen, by eons, by miles… And I NEED to see more shows.

Okay, back to wine and chatter. I am beyond overwhelmed. I’m so depressed that potentially this was my last show of the tour, because this is…. wow. HOLY FUCK. I wish I could have brought all of you there. This show was amazing. I was afraid after Toronto that Buffalo and Detroit could never live up, but man, I was wrong.

Setlist:  Tori Amos Detroit 10/27/07

Part I – Santa

Body and Soul
My Posse Can Do
She’s Your Cocaine
Secret Spell
You Can Bring Your Dog

Costume Change = Professional Widow Interlude

Part II – Tori

Big Wheel
A Sorta Fairytale
Black Dove
–Black Dove interrupted, costume change —
Cornflake Girl

T & Bö

Baker Baker
Cloud on My Tongue

Band Returns

Code Red

First Encore

Precious Things

Second Encore

Hey Jupiter

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