Concert Review: Tori Amos @ Shea’s, Buffalo 10/24/07

*taken from a message board posting*

I’ll do a more thorough review tomorrow – I’m passing out now – but in brief, while this show was definitely more mellow than Toronto, it was still incredibly solid. The performances were very ‘on’; T was hitting her high notes all over the place especially during HIMH. The show was ridiculously cloud/sky themed, but it was amusing.

Clyde is my second favourite doll so I’m shaking my head and laughing that I dodged the Santa bullet twice AND got my two dolls I wanted most. I’m a little bummed Roosterspur Bridge didn’t happen – and while Upside Down did fit Clyde’s character, I would have rather had it debut in the main Tori set so I could hear Roosterspur, which is one of my dearest friends right now. That said, best band Upside Down I’ve ever heard. YUM! Girl Disappearing was DIVINE! !

Tori fucked up the count in Big Wheel again at gimme 3, started laughing and said “Fuck fuck fuck!!” then jumped back into the MILF part. I can’t wait to hear this one.

The improv before YC… Tori was asking what Matty had for dinner, because she had lentils and she heard he had something better, more carnivorous. She kept saying she needed to be on HIS feeding schedule and eating what he was eating, how she needed to get the beans out of her diet… So silly and fun.

The improv before COMT…. roughly… “Something strange happens when I try to head home. I get on the bus and I’m 44, and by the time I hit Philly I’m 18, and when I hit Washington, I have to try not to be 13.” Very. very sad….

TTTS rocked! At the end, she stretched the “why do you take it boy?” into a huge extension about “you take it in the morning light, you take it in the afternoon, you take it whenever you can get it, if I’m dirty, why do you take it?”

Virginia is LOVE.

Concertina is actually relevant to me right now and the new arrangement has more flavour that SW era. I approve!

Honestly? I once again have NO complaints about this set. Not a one. Thoroughly enjoyed every single song. Cried for a few.  You know what it is? Songs that had become tired/played out like COMT were feeling that way to me because it felt like Tori was singing them in her sleep. Not so this tour. The passion’s renewed in the deliveries, and they’re becoming favourites again. I’m almost curious to get Leather now and see if I no longer hate it live. This may not have been a super-cool debut set or full of rockers, but the show was solid and enjoyable and wonderful IMO.

That said, I am kinda wistful to hear several songs in Detroit now and I doubt they’d all happen in one spot… Digital Ghost, Doughnut Song, Siren, Almost Rosey, Carbon… all yes please! I’m surprised I haven’t heard Crucify because I actually WANT to hear it.

Setlist:  Tori Amos Buffalo 10/24/07

Part I Clyde

Bouncing Off Clouds
Little Earthquakes
Upside Down
Beauty of Speed
Girl Disappearing

costume change = Pro Widow remix interlude

Part II – Tori

Big Wheel
A Sorta Fairytale
Cornflake Girl
Your Cloud
Take to the Sky

T & Bö

Cloud On My Tongue
Here. in My Head

band returns

Code Red

First Encore

Precious Things
Taxi Ride

Second Encore

Hey Jupiter (Dakota)

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