Bonus Track Review – American Doll Posse – Tori Amos

Being as we now have 3 additional tracks to dissect in the Tori Amos fandom, I ought to weigh in on them as well.  A quick click of the ‘american doll posse’ tag will flip you to my review of the full disc.

My Posse Can Do:  The DVD-only bonus track, this is another ‘fun’ track in the vein of Posse Bonus, only with more lyrics structure and an actual message.  I cracked up on first listen around the ‘she can flip her hair/I can flip you off’ lines and I still giggle my head off when I play it.  This feels very much like Tori mocking her own Posse concept, while simultaneously telling men to be afraid of her posse.  Notice that posse is similar to pussy?  Ha!  Fantastic fun b-side that reminds me of Daisy Dead Petals with its playful nature.  Sonically, it feels like a jazz combo number like Murder, He Says.  Thumbs Up!

Drive All Night:  The Barnes and Noble exclusive track feels very much like a throwback to the Strange radio mix (you know, the near-country one?).  Meh.  The music is weak and bland as hell;  it doesn’t even execute well as a Scarlet-era track, although it feels as though it were written back then.  Lyrically, I kinda like it though.  I’m conflicted.  Maybe this will be like Crazy – I liked the lyrics, hated the music, but live and solo, I was able to enjoy it.  It’s certainly not as bad as half of The Beekeeper, though.  It may grow on me.

Miracle: The iTunes exclusive bonus track!  I know a lot of people have been slagging this one in the Tori community, but um…  I like it.  I don’t love it, and it pales in comparison to other songs from this era (Code Red, eg), but…  I like it.  The music reminds me of Secret Spell, only it is much, much better suited to this song.  The vocal delivery is also less tedious and annoying, somehow.  In fact, I think I am going to replace Secret Spell with this one in a playlist, since there are similar elements thematically.  Yes.  I think the only irksome part is the ‘look to the children’ line, which feels utterly cliche.  This one could probably do well as a single, only it wouldn’t be as a craptastically lame as Sweet The Sting.

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