American Doll Posse Clips: First Impressions

Clips of each track on American Doll Posse have leaked!  Cue Fangasm!

Overall opinion:  Oh thank God.  Tori, you are back.  I don’t know why you were on so much valium when writing and performing TBK, but thank you for getting off the downers and going back to kicking musical ass.  I love you.  You are my bitch.  And yes, you are a MILF.

Track by track comments:

Yo George – A clip of an intro piece is obviously tricky, but it feels like a fitting lead-in.  Simple piano.  Feels like a SW track… almost national anthem-ish….  How perfect.  Nice.

Big Wheel – I have heard the whole track for this one, and I can easily say I really liked Hoochie Woman on TBK, but this song blows it away for sex appeal and sassy humour.  I seriously want to go to the bar and get very drunk listening to this song, then dance on the bar Coyote Ugly styles.  (I bet Sean would enjoy that)

Bouncing Off Clouds – The other full leaked track… and like BW, it is even better than the clip indicated.  I find it so delicious.  It reminds me of HOL-era Kate Bush, without question.  It would fit right in on TVAB as well.  I would love to dance to this in a club.  I’ll settle for dancing in the apartment 😉  The piano is blowing me away because it is so upfront and driving.  I seriously need to see this live, just to watch her play it….  And Matty, for that matter.  I am loving the drums.  (Matt Chamberlain = Sex God of Teh Drumming.  Danny Carey of Tool may be the best drummer alive, but Matty is sexier when he plays.)

Teenage Hustling – I thought the first leak was absolutely fantastic – driving rock, raging vocals, sexy as hell.  This second clip just made me have an orgasmic fit, because the song is even more incredible with that breakdown.  This song is a great example of Tori a) realizing her voice is dropping lower with age but b) making it work, without sounding like the wretch that was Cruel live circa 98.  The “gonna save me, save me, save me…” makes me cream my panties.

Digital Ghost – I like this one a lot…  It feels very TVAB to me… electronic…  perhaps the atmosphere of TVAB live era shows – electronic rocking good times.   The drumming reminds me of Carbon in a way, or a slower Wednesday.

You Can Bring Your Dog – I think this is very…. hmm…  sonically, very good.  I’m loving the rock vibe on the album.  Lyrically… still irking me a bit.  The guitar is a nice touch.  Reminds me of what I did to Dirty Business when I remixed it.

Mr. Bad Man – This is so cutesy…  It feels like an oldies song with lyrics that are more sinister than they sound.  Or a strange 80’s pop song.  Haha!  Or Murder He Says, the cover she did for Mona Lisa Smile.

Fat Slut – OMFG I still can’t believe it’s a song title.  This sounds like Demon Tori circa 96 live, and that makes me want to scream with glee.  Angry guitar and Tori.  I will blast this on release day.  Very loud.  Very often.  I’m waiting for her to start screaming “Wash me clean daddy!!!!!!!”

Girl Disappearing – I think this one will be a grower, but it sounds very SW meets UTP somehow.  It’s good, no question… but like Yes, Anastasia, which I took forever to love, this one will grow and become a favourite on the album.

Secret Spell – Still meh even with a second leaked clip.  :p  Good beat, catchy, but annoying.

Devils and Gods – I like this one a lot…  it’s very different.  It’s very…. hmm…  Operation Peter Pan?  Only more uptempo and angrier.  I LOVE the rage undertones on this album.  Love love love.  Lyrically, enjoying the message.

Body and Soul – NICE.  SW with a bit more kick sonically.  This one is sassy and wears heels.  This has elements of what I loved about Hoochie Woman – driving, slamming musical notes.  This song quite obviously is the same doll as Teenage Hustling.

Father’s Son – Blech.  This one is just not doing anything for me sonically in this clip.  Wretched.  Lame.  A crappy bad tango-rhythm that just won’t die.

Programmable Soda – It’s an interlude, so it’s not meant to be more than an interlude, and for that, it works.  In a Mr. Zebra way.  Nice strings!  Whee!

Code Red – Is the SHIT.  God, it’s rocking out with high heels and a leather mini in that fantastic She’s Your Cocaine way.  The piano is fantastic in the Waitress circa 98 way (heavy playing, nicely balanced with guitars and sonic effects).

Roosterspur Bridge – I think this is going to grow on me over time.  It’s definitely SW tinged, but I feel a little something different… more energetic and modern if you will.  I like the lyrics.  It’s what Crazy wanted to be sonically.  The b-ground vox are very Scarlet.

Beauty of Speed- This is fantastic.  This will be a favourite.  Ashley commented that it was very Carbon, and that explains it:  Carbon is one of the best songs the woman has done.  Hands down.  This makes me think of a woman running and tumbling down hills, running from her own thoughts musically.

Almost Rosey – Better than I expected.  It definitely reminds me of Virginia/the title track on SW.  I want to hear the whole track to gain more perspective on the lyrics.

Velvet Revolution
– The Trial by Pink Floyd.  OMFG.  To a tee, sonically and in vocal delivery.  OMFG.  Very cabaret and smoky.  I agree with Ashley – Amanda Palmer, please cover!

Dark Side of the Sun – Oooh…. this sounds very promising.  Poorly chosen clip, but it sounds very much like the epic Appollo’s Frock for the album.  Considering the title, and the comment I made about the lead-in track, I have to say… yeah, I do hear the flavour of Pink Floyd’s DSOTM on this.  This is a good thing indeed.  Dear Tori:  please cover Comfortably Numb.  Thanks, Me, The Pink Floyd Slut.

Posse Bonus
– Bwahahahahaha!!!  See Tori, now this is cute and funny.  Ode To My Clothes bit the big one.  This is so cute and funny.  Again:  old Tori is back.

Smokey Joe
– Hard to make out what she’s saying on this one, but musically, it feels very epic….  very…  Choirgirl meets Pele meets Apollo’s Frock.  If that makes sense.  LOL  The vocal layering is genius in this clip.

Dragon – Is that a pan flute?  I think this clip doesn’t really give a clear picture of the song.  I’ll reserve judgement for now.

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