High Fidelity, Mix 7

Because I am busy as hell, and in celebration of completing the first draft, here is the mix I call ‘the soundtrack to Collide, if it were ever made into a film’.  The highlights of it, at least.  Some of these will be familiar from Jenna and Scott’s mix a few weeks back.  Of note:  NO Tori Amos (! – okay, I’d find a place, but not on the main selections) and no Dresden Dolls….  whoa.  Funny fact:  five of these tracks are the closing tracks of their respective albums.  Hmm.

Opheliac – Emilie Autumn
Best played:  After Jenna leaves Rob’s house the first time through her second encounter with Rob

I Hope Your Heart Runs Empty – Neverending White Lights ft Scott Anderson
Best played:  When Scott takes his drive to clear his head and flashes back…

The Outsider – A Perfect Circle
Best played:  When Scott is driving to find Jenna and locates her at Gary’s.

Bother – Stone Sour
Best played:  Scott’s drive – beginning prior to flashback;  alternately, after Jenna’s conclusion of her story.

Fumbling Towards Ecstasy – Sarah McLachlan

Best played:  When Liz and Amy take a jaunt to Amy’s house.

Get Mine, Get Yours – Christina Aguilera
Best played:  When Liz first visits the G-Spot.

Crazy – K-Ci and Jo-Jo
Best played:  When Liz and Amy are together at the G-Spot (first visit)

Collide – Howie Day
Best played:  While Belle and Jess are in the music store, waiting for Jenna

The Moment I Said It – Imogen Heap
Best played:  When Scott is driving Jenna home from Gary’s.

Destroy Everything You Touch – Ladytron
Best played:  When Jakob enters the bar and meets Jade

Wish You Were Here – Pink Floyd
Best played:  When Jakob and crew head to Jade’s after the bar.

I’ll Keep Your Memory Vague – Finger Eleven
Best played: When Andrew is reading Carole’s letter, and ensuing reaction.

Crime For Crime – Ani Difranco
Best played:  When we first meet Max and John’s contacts in Texas.

Stuck In The Middle With You – Stealer’s Wheel
Best played:  When the hostages sing it, of course.

We Float – PJ Harvey
Best played:  Ending few paragraphs.

God Of Wine – Third Eye Blind
Best played:  From Andrew’s exit through Jane’s talk with Scott.

Running For Home – Matthew Good
Best played:  When Ben leaves Eva alone at the house after their serious talk.

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