High Fidelity, Mix 3

As I wind up the writing of Collide (my novel), I thought I’d do the first in a series of soundtracks for the characters.  The novel’s been heavily influenced by music, to the point where characters have certain songs I listen to when writing them.  This mix centres on my favourite sub-story, that of Jenna and Scott.  Some of these songs are actually referenced in the novel as being connected to the characters; others simply echo events/would make for great music in a film version.

Unfold Me – I Am Small:  Jenna and Scott’s mix
Angelene – PJ Harvey
My first name Angelene
Prettiest mess you ever seen
Love only is my sin
Any man calls, I’ll let him in…

The Outsider – A Perfect Circle
What’ll it take to get through to you precious?
Over this?
Why you wanna throw it away like this?

Peeping Tommi – Tori Amos
She’s down on the ground…
See my dreams are filled with him
His face shows up in my favourite danish…
She’s willing
Just breathe…

The Perfect Fit – The Dresden Dolls
I’m not exceptionally shy
But I’ve never had a man
That i could look straight in the eye
And tell my secret plans…

Opheliac – Emilie Autumn
You were never able to keep me breathing
As the water rises up again…
You know how hard it can be
To keep believing in me
When everything and everyone becomes my enemy and friend
There’s nothing more you can do
I’m gonna blame it on you…

Bother – Stone Sour
I wish I had a reason
My flaws are open season
For this I gave up trying
One good turn deserves my dying…

Perfect Time of Day – Howie Day

Let your colours collide
Oh the time is so fleeting
I’ll quit running behind
Oh I know your meaning…

Alabama Motel Room – Matthew Good Band

What is life if not a joke?
One night she went out for smokes
And they took her apart like a rag doll
In the back of a van…

The Moment I Said It – Imogen Heap

Just put back the cars keys
Or somebody’s gonna get hurt
Who are you calling at this hour?
Sit down, come round, I need you now
We’ll work it all out together…
Now sleep – I promise
It’ll all seem better somehow, in time…

The Fragile – Nine Inch Nails
Fragile, she doesn’t see her beauty
She tries to get away
Sometimes, it’s just that nothing seems worth saving
I can’t watch her slip away…

Save Me – Aimee Mann
Like Peter Pan, or Superman
You will come to save me
Save me…
From the ranks of the freaks
Who suspect they could never love anyone…

Cable Car (Over My Head) – The Fray
I’m losing you and it’s effortless…
I won’t let it go down until we torch it ourselves
And everybody knows I’m in over my head
Over my head
It’s 8 seconds left in overtime
She’s on your mind…..

Breathe Me – Sia
Help, I have done it again
I have been here many times before
Hurt myself again today
And the worst part is, there’s no one else to blame…
Warm me up, and breathe me…

I Hope Your Heart Runs Empty – Neverending White Lights ft Scott Anderson
Everywhere there’s new mistakes
And underneath it all, takes its toll…
But with you in here, everything seems okay
If every moment could have you in it,
I’d know where all my faith had gone…

Fair – Remy Zero
So what if you catch me?
Where will we land?

Wait – Seven Mary Three
I have walked the tighrope parts of me
Toed the line just far enough to see
Never found a gift I got for free –
You pay for them daily…
But if I can make it dark, I can make it light…

Everything – Alanis Morissette
I’m terrified and mistrusting and
You’ve never met anyone as close to down
As I am sometimes…
And you’re still here

A Story About A Girl – Our Lady Peace
Are you waking up slowly?
Nothing but lonely?
Are you waking up holding
Holding your breath?
Are you looking for something?
I promise you one thing
I promise I’ll always be there…

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