High Fidelity, Mix 2

It’s the most wonderful time of the year…  For me, anyway.

Soon, I will have the final traces of someone out of my personal space.  I am quite pleased.  In celebration of this, may I present a mix befitting the kicking of a narcissistic liar to the curb.  Sounds:  rocky/pop-ish.

Enjoy, and feedback is tasty.

Dismiss the Narcissist:  A Mix For Celebrating The Departure Of The Unwanted/Unworthy Of Your Time

Mix Tape – Brand New
“When I say ”Let’s keep in touch’
I hope you know it means I wish that you’d grow up
This is the first song for your mix tape
And it’s short, just like your temper…”

6’1″ – Liz Phair
“And I kept standing six feet one
Instead of five feet two
And I love my life
And I hated you…”

Narcissus – Alanis Morissette
“You go back to the women who will dance the dance
You go back to the friends who will lick your ass…”

Don’t Assume – Karen Kosowski
“Don’t assume I like the way you kiss
Don’t assume I want your home address
Don’t assume I want you to call
You’d be lucky if I answered the phone at all…”

Jerk – Kim Stockwood
“Since you’ve been gone I feel so much better
‘Cause I saw how mean you could be
I used to want some explanation
Now all I want is my Patsy Cline CD…”

Special – Garbage
“Now you’re here and begging for a chance
But there’s no way in hell I’d take you back…”

Get Over Yourself – Eden’s Crush
“Oh, if love could choose sides
It’s taking mine
So get over yourself, goodbye….”

Control – Poe
“All those things you taught me to fear
I’ve got them in my garden now,
And you’re not welcome here…”

Not A Pretty Girl – Ani Difranco
“So put me down punk
‘Cause I am not a maiden fair
Isn’t there a kitten stuck up a tree somewhere?”

Getting Scared – Imogen Heap

“Who’s getting scared now?
Tell me how does it feel?
It feels so good from where I’m standing…”

Moment Of Weakness – Bif Naked
“You make me laugh again
My darling, truth is
We are not even friends…”

You Suck – The Murmurs
“I’m too plush for your pathetic digs
And you’re the only one you’ll scar
But right now there’s dust on my guitar, you fuck…”

Officially Dead – Veruca Salt
“You want me back in your arms
Want me back in your bed
But we’re officially dead
You don’t have a heart….”

Second Sight – Placebo
“Walk away to save your face
You never were a genius…”

Happier Without You – Terami Hirsch
“But I wouldn’t recognize your face
Not because you’ve changed
But because I’m seeing straight
I’m happier without you…”

Still Standing – Andrea Florian
“I know you want to tell me that I’m doing it all wrong
But this is not your song…”

Fighter – Christina Aguilera
“You’re going ’round
Playing the victim now
But don’t even begin….”

Gone – Kelly Clarkson
“That is just so you
Coming back when I’ve finally moved on…”

Not About Love – Fiona Apple
“This is not about love
‘Cause I am not in love
In fact, I can’t stop falling out…”

Leech – Incubus
“The ride’s over
Did you enjoy yourself?”

The Last Song I’m Wasting On You – Evanescence

“So hate me if it feels good
I can’t hear your screams anymore…”

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