The High Fidelity Project: Definition

I was wondering what I would do with my Vox account (which I obtained for reasons completely unrelated to interest in the site), and I settled on a topic:  music.

Let’s face it:  I love to talk music.  I babble incessantly about it.  Music-related posts are ones I do not necessarily feel the need to screen from the public eye on Livejournal.  Thus, an all-public music journal makes sense for me.

Those on Livejournal (to where this will be cross-posting) are aware I’ve begin the High Fidelity project.  I’ve decided that from here on, those posts, along with chronicles of concerts and CD reviews, will be posted on Vox as well.  Those of you with Vox accounts are free to add me – the username should look familiar.

Let the games begin!

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